Adirondack Church Without Walls

Rev. Lucy Harris received her M. Div. at Union Seminary in Richmond VA and has been a Teaching Elder in the PC(USA) since 2004.  Prior to her ordination, she served in an interim capacity as a religious educator at a Unitarian Church where she gained experience in developing programs for and interacting with members of all ages and from a variety of spiritual backgrounds.  Lucy spent several years deeply involved in issues of ecclesiological justice for members of the LGBT community, and continues to speak the good news to those who have been hurt and excluded by churches or other Christians.  She served as “tentmaking” pastor for a small congregation in Warrensburg NY from 2007 to 2015.  During that time she also became a NY State licensed outdoor guide, guiding whitewater rafting trips on the Hudson River Gorge from April to September, and has worked as a ski lift operator during the winter since 2010.  She is also a tie-dye artist as well as a musician.  Through her many interactions with people on the river, on the ski mountain, and at concerts and craft fairs, Lucy has numerous unique opportunities to spread the gospel in places where the good news of God is not often heard.

ADK ChurchWoW

Worship takes many alternative forms, and is held at different outdoor locations as much as possible.  All gatherings are held in spacious outdoor and/or indoor locations, allowing for accessibility for those with limitations, and plenty of personal space for those who may need it.  Worship celebrations incorporate music and arts, sharing and reflection on God’s word to us in scripture and in other media (poetry and literature, science and philosophy, etc.), prayers for peace, love and healing in the world.  Worship is multisensory, interactive and accessible to all- young and old - inviting active participation of all members in the service.  Worship celebrations are always paired with an opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities and/or fellowship in the breaking of bread and the sharing of refreshments.  Such activities include hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing, swimming, campfire circles, picnics and covered dish meals.  Additionally, there are occasional opportunities to gather in community service or for fundraising events, which also become opportunities to share the good news and invite folks to share in our community.